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Book of Job Series: Introduction

I was chatting to one of my good friends a couple of months ago about some of the struggles I have been facing in my life. He has been through many struggles himself, more than I have, and suggested I read the book of Job. I don’t know why I didn’t think to read it myself, when that was what I did last year when I was facing some trials.

My friend told me he wanted to know what I thought about the book, so I told him I would write an article on what I learned through reading it. Little did I know, God wanted to teach me much more than what I could fit into just one article! In just the first chapter, I had 4 takeaways. And there are 42 chapters!

So, due to the volume of material that I have, I am going to put together an article series. I will post a new article each week until I have covered all 42 chapters. Also, God is funny in how He communicates with us sometimes. I took all of December to read and really digest this book…I didn’t read any commentary because I wanted to hear what God was saying to me personally through what I was reading. But I started a new Bible reading plan on January 1 that is going in chronological order. So, I got another dose of Job, and I may add in a few things that I learned from reading it the second time around.

If you haven’t read the book of Job, I highly suggest you do so. I must admit, it isn’t the easiest read for many people. It can be confusing at times or stir up anger and other emotions…I know I felt angry at times while reading this! But there is so much to learn about God, and plus, there is a happy ending :). Here is a (very) short summary of the book in case you are not familiar: Job was an upright man in God’s sight, but God allowed Satan to torment him, only sparing Job's life. He lost his job, his children, his wealth, and his health. He had four friends who wanted to comfort him, but they did a terrible job. There was a lot of grieving, lamenting, and arguing. And then God rebukes Job and his friends for drawing false conclusions about God and Job, and then restores Job’s family and fortune. But, seriously, go read it! There’s so much more than that!

Also, just to be clear, I will be sharing what I personally learned through reading this. What I have written won't necessarily be commentary, and there is a chance that what I say or think is incorrect. Please test everything I write through the lens of the Bible...hold it up to Scripture, please don't just take my word for it!

I am looking forward to this series and hope that you enjoy reading these articles for the next several weeks!

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