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God Speaks Through Moana?

Y’all, I have heard people talking about the movie Moana for years, but never really had the desire to watch it. When the movie Frozen came out several years ago, the hype around it was so intense! I was excited to watch it and was let down. In my opinion, it didn’t come close to touching Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, or Mulan. Those are my favorite Disney movies. The hype around Moana was similar, and I didn’t want to be let down again.

Since being in Texas, I subscribed to Disney+ because I can’t get it in Serbia. Disney movies and even some of their tv shows are some of my favorites! I know, I can still be a child at heart. But one thing I like to do when watching secular movies is find parallels to the Christian life and how God interacts with us.

If you haven’t seen Moana, I do recommend you watch it. It isn’t the greatest movie of all time, but it is definitely entertaining and you can learn from it, too! It’s about this young girl who has been told about the danger of the ocean her whole life, yet she feels drawn to it. Essentially, the ocean calls her to complete a dangerous task to save her tribe and save the world from darkness.

At one point, the task at hand seemed to be too much and she starts talking to the ocean saying that it has called the wrong person and it needed to find someone else to do the task. She pleaded with the ocean to take the task from her, and it listened. But later on, she realized that with the help of the ocean, she could do it. She knew she wasn’t alone on the mission she was called to.

It got me thinking, God calls us to certain tasks. We have a choice whether we accept the task at hand or not. And we have the choice to walk away from the task at anytime because we are given free will. Many times, what we are called to do may seem impossible or too difficult for us to do. Actually, I believe what we are called to do is often too difficult for us...on our own. When God calls us to do something, He will not just leave us hanging. He is with us always and He equips us for the task at hand.

God will sometimes allow us to quit and go in a different direction, due to our free will like I mentioned above. God is sovereign and we can’t thwart His plan. There will always be another person willing to do the task and take the steps of faith we were too scared to take ourselves. But don’t you want to be involved in the plans that God has for us? Don’t you want to change lives and bring light into a dark world? I know I do!

There are many examples in the Bible when God calls people who are seemingly unqualified underdogs, but that’s where His glory truly shines through. When great things happen through people who society deems unworthy, a misfit, or anything else, it becomes apparent that it’s through supernatural strength.

There are also many examples in the Bible of people who decided to walk away from the task God had for them, but God uses that for His glory as well. We also see how many of them eventually turn back to God in the end because they know that He is the way to life and He is where the joy is.

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