• Taylor Jane

Questioning God's Plan

I try to stay so positive all of the time, and the truth is, life isn't always happy. There are ups and there are a lot of downs. I go a month or two where I am so confident in who I am, and okay with being on my own and living at home, to three or four months questioning who I am. Right now, I am in a funk. I see all of these seniors graduating and going off to college and I have to wonder where I would be if I had done the same. I also see people closer to my age graduating from college and starting a career. Where would I be if I had gone to college? What would I have majored in? What would I be doing now? Would I have a boyfriend, a husband? Would I still be living at home? These are questions that I will never know the answer to. But do you know what? That's okay. And do you want to know why? It's because I have Jesus. God sent him to save me. I am exactly where He wants me to be, whether I agree or not. I don't know what His plan is for me now or ever, but I know that no matter what, He is guiding me through it. He is here during the good times and the bad. The thing that gets me through these moments is that I know God has something good for me right around the corner.

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